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NCCA Officers and Directors

2022-2023 NCCA Officers
Rob MaloneyPresidentPitt County Schools
Butch CarterVice PresidentAlexander Central HS
Neil BlankenshipPast PresidentSwain County HS
Mac MorrisExecutive DirectorNCCA
Phil WeaverExecutive DirectorNCCA
Joe FranksExecutive SecretaryNCCA
2022-2023 NCCA Board of Directors
Bobby WilliamsDistrict 1Riverside-Martin HS
Justin RobersonDistrict 1Perquimans HS
Battle HolleyDistrict 2East Duplin HS
Tim GuterDistrict 2New Bern HS
Tom NelsonDistrict 3Fike HS
Marlon LeeDistrict 3Clayton HS
Samuel GuyDistrict 4Terry Sanford HS
Patty EversDistrict 4East Bladen HS
Darren CorbettDistrict 5Grimsley HS
Todd WillertDistrict 5East Forsyth HS
Empsy ThompsonDistrict 6A. L. Brown HS
Brad LevineDistrict 6Crest HS
Joe NixonDistrict 7Mooresville HS
Shane SlateDistrict 7North Surry HS
Brian CarverDistrict 8Enka HS
Josh BrooksDistrict 8Franklin HS

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