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Join The NCCA

*Membership in the NCCA is open to any full-time certified teacher or teacher’s assistant in the classroom daily who is also paid a system-wide supplement to coach a sport recognized by the NCHSAA.  A Licensed Athletic Trainer (LAT) or Athletic Director in the public schools of the State of North Carolina is also eligible.  

*Associate Status is available to any Non-Faculty Coach (even if paid), Volunteer Coach, First Responder (who does not coach), or Classified Personnel who are volunteers OR receive a stipend rather than a supplement.

To become a Member or Associate, a qualified person must attend at least one day of the annual North Carolina Coaching Clinic.  Go to the Clinic Registration page for more information.

NCCA Bylaws and Code of Ethics


PO Box 10708
Greensboro NC 27404  


Phone: (336) 379 9095
Fax: (336) 379 0874

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