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*Membership in the NCCA is open to any full-time certified teacher or teacher’s assistant in the classroom daily who is also paid a system-wide supplement to coach a sport recognized by the NCHSAA. A school-based Licensed Athletic Trainer (LAT) or Athletic Director in the public schools of the State of North Carolina is also eligible.

*Associate Status is available to any Non-Faculty Coach (even if paid), Volunteer Coach, or Classified Personnel who are volunteers OR receive a stipend rather than a supplement.  College coaches and First
Responders who do not coach are considered Associates.

*Members and Associates are required to attend the annual Coaching Clinic for a minimum of one day.  Membership cards are only made at the Clinic.

*A person not qualifying for membership or associate status may register as a Clinic Attendee and participate in all clinic activities. Clinic attendees do not receive NCCA ID cards.

*Current members are mailed clinic registration materials in May and have the privilege of pre-registering for the clinic at a reduced fee prior to July 1.  Associates do not receive this mailing but may be pre-registered by a school that registers its entire staff.  
Schools have until September 15 to register coaches hired after the clinic.

Members are represented by a Board of Directors which is comprised of two Directors from each of the eight NCHSAA districts. 

Members are responsible for updating contact information in the online NCCA Directory.  All general mailings to the membership, including Clinic pre-registration materials, are sent at bulk rate not forwarded by the U.S. Postal Service.

                                                                  NCCA Bylaws and Code of Ethics


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