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A. Eligibility

Membership in the NCCA is open to any full-time certified teacher or teacher’s assistant in the classroom daily who is also paid a system-wide supplement to coach a sport recognized by the NCHSAA.  A Licensed Athletic Trainer (LAT) or Athletic Director in the public schools of the State of North Carolina is also eligible.  To become a member, a qualified person must attend at least one day of the annual North Carolina Coaching Clinic.

NCCA Bylaws and Code of Ethics

B. Benefits of Membership

 *Affiliation with one of the state’s largest professional organizations.
 *Membership card:
                A. Allows free admittance to any NCHSAA member school athletic contest in the state.
                B. Allows discounts or free admittance to some college games .
                C. Allows admittance to Carolinas All-Star Basketball Classic.
*Professional development opportunities through the NCCA Coaching Clinic.
*Admission to all East-West All-Star Games and a copy of the Program-Yearbook.
*General and Personal Liability Insurance ($1,000,000) covering coaching duties.
*NCCA Membership Directory.
*Subscription to NC Coach (NCCA Newsletter published three times a year.)
*Opportunity for head coaches to nominate players for the All- Star Games.
*Opportunity for current members who have completed 15-years of membership to apply for scholarship
  for son/daughter graduating from high school or accepted to graduate school.
*Opportunity to pre-register for Coaching Clinic at a reduced rate.
*Opportunity to apply for Gold Card (lifetime membership) after 25 years of NCCA membership. 


PO Box 10708
Greensboro NC 27404  


Phone: (336) 379 9095
Fax: (336) 379 0874

Coaching Clinic
All-Star Games